Our experts allow the constructors to determine their survey requirements for deep utilities in the field. Worried about accuracy? Not a problem. We use the same advance technology that performs our high precision structural surveys to install baseline in an efficient manner.


The tolerance of road grading is getting tighter all of the time. Let us help you get your grade passed within the project specifications. Our extensive experience has helped move over 8 million cubic meters of material.


Our team members have performed the survey on over 100 major bridge, rail, and dam structures in Western Canada. We apply industry leading work methods to make sure carpenters have the ability to work accurately off of our layout.


Every design requires a start point. Topographical plans and as-builts serve as a reference for designers and technical staff when determining where to place new infrastructure. Our experience office and field staff insure no details are missed in these drawings, painting the appropriate picture for the end user.


Machine control is an impressive tool for grading support. We have the ability to place the control points the machine requires to operate as well as calculate the models and alignments generated from the design.


One of the most considerable challenges in monitoring movement is determining a reference location for your benchmark. If settlement is expected in the area how do we determine what is actually moving? Our experts can determine this.

3D laser scanning

Conventional survey methods may not provide enough detail for your project’s needs. 3D laser scanning collects millions of data points in a matter of minutes giving our clients access a whole new world of as-built records.


Cost control, productivity reporting, and project planning are all key components in the heavy civil industry. Our drawings and material tracking provides detailed reports of what has been built on your project. Estimators in the bid phase can produce accurate quantities from the information we provide.